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Our organization works on a vast number of projects specifically developed to assist and enhance the quality of life for all individuals. We work to build products and services that can be life changing and enjoyable.

Our first product is called Mychishiki, we are actively developing a Learning Management System. After we launch, this program will be able to educate people in all curriculum's as well as help students enhance their own knowledge. Our goal is to make all knowledge easily accessible, fun to explore, and we encourage the youth to stay in school as well as encourage older generations to consider going back to school to help them achieve their goals or more accomplishments. We do this by offering educational assistance. Our system is designed specifically to engage the mind creating the opportunity for active learning allowing people to understand the knowledge and retain it for long periods of time. 

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We are working to finalize funding on Mychishiki so that we may finish the final stages of development and launch. If you would like to make history then help us in our cause, lets all work together to revolutionize education and be apart of history.

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